Report of 'The 7th Central European Conference - Chemistry Towards Biology'

Katowice 2014

The 7th Central European Conference “Chemistry towards Biology” was held on September 9 - 12 2014 in Katowice, Poland. More precisely, CTB 2014 took place at the new campus of the Faculty of Mathematics Physics and Chemistry of the University of Silesia in Chorzów in the large Silesian agglomeration just at the border of Katowice. Unlike previous meetings which used to be held in a two year cycle this one was organized just one year after the 6th CTB in Trieste to bring the conference series back to the original schedule.

About 100 scientists attended the Conference mainly from Central Europe; however; we also had participants from Netherlands, Argentina and Egipt. The participation of young scientists at PhD or PostDoc level was strongly encouraged providing bursaries covering the conference fee and the accommodation expenses. The local organizing committee was coordinated by Prof. Jaroslaw Polanski from the Institute of Chemistry, University of Silesia.

The CTB 2014 was held under the auspices of the University of Silesia and was opened by the Rector of the University Prof. Stanislaw Kucharski, the Director of the Institute of Chemistry Prof. Michal Daszykowski and Jaroslaw Polanski who addressed the welcome of the University to all participants.

A program included 16 plenary lectures (15 available at was additionally supported by PL16 provided by Petra Rovó, Pál Stráner and András Perczel Observing the invisible conformer(s)! A structure and dynamics driven rational design of bioactive peptides and proteins). All countries participating in the Conference Steering Committee were represented among the speakers. Plenary lectures were supported by 16 oral presentations and 75 posters.

The participants took part in a special lottery of Sigma Aldrich company, a sponsor of the meeting, to win the Aldrich® Library of 13C and 1H FT-NMR Spectra C. Pouchert and J. Behnke, Aldrich Chemical Co., 1993, 4300 pp., hard cover. This 1000 Euro worth album has been won by Mateusz Korzec a PhD student from the University of Silesia.

The scientific program was supplemented by social events, in particular welcome party at the conference venue, social party with beer at the ethnographic park and a tour around the industrial coal mine museum Guido in Zabrze.

Prof. Stanislaw Kucharski, The Deputy Rector of the University of Silesia, opening the Conference

Prof. Michal Daszykowski, The Director of the Institute of Chemistry, opening the Conference

Prof. Jaroslaw Polanski, organizing committee, opening the Conference

Prof. Andras Perczel, chairing the first session

Prof. Henryk Kozłowski, providing the fist plenary lecture

Audience at the lecture room

Photos from the conference are available at the .

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