Report of 'The 8th Central European Conference - Chemistry Towards Biology'

Brno 2016

The Central European conference series "Chemistry towards Biology" was initiated in 2002 by a meeting in Portoroz, Slovenia. The aim of the series is to promote the exchange of scientific results, methods and ideas and encourage cooperation between researchers working primarily, but not exclusively in Central Europe. The topics of the conferences cover "Chemistry towards Biology", meaning that the events welcome chemists working on biology-related problems, biologists using chemical methods, students and other researchers of the respective areas that fall within the common scope of chemistry and biology.

The 8th Central European conference "Chemistry towards Biology" ( was held in Brno, Czech Republic from 28 August to 1 September 2016. The 8th year of the conference was devoted to the following research topics: drug design, research and development; chemistry of natural compounds; carbohydrate chemistry; molecular biology; biochemistry; biomaterials; structure, function and interactions of proteins; engineered enzymes; nucleic acids chemistry; pharmacology and ADME; drug formulations and drug delivery systems.

In total 136 active participants (including 56 PhD students) were welcomed this year from 18 countries around the world: Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA and Uzbekistan. In the course of the conference, participants could listen to 20 invited plenary lectures and 36 ordinary lectures and could discuss 88 posters.

The Book of Abstracts (ISBN 978-80-7305-777-0) is freely available on the website of the conference (, and all participants were invited to publish their research as full papers. They could choose one of three journals with impact factors (Molecules, Chemical Papers, Journal of Applied Biomedicine) or two journals without impact factor (Czech and Slovak Pharmacy, ADMET & DMPK). By means of this spectrum of scientific journals, chemical, biological as well as other scientific fields of individual participants were covered.

The sponsors of the conference were Angelini Pharma, Nicolet CZ, Sigma-Aldrich, GrapeNet as well as Pragolab, Lach-Ner and VWR. Journal Molecules (ISSN 1420-3049), published by MDPI, was the medial sponsor (

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