1st Central European Conference „Chemistry Towards Biology”

The 1st Central European Conference "Chemistry towards Biology" is organised by the Slovenian Chemical Society in collaboration with National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, University of Ljubljana. Faculty for Chemistry and Chemical Technology, and Universty of Trieste. It is supported by me Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport and the Federation of European Chemical Societies (event number 267).


  • Venčesnlav Kaučič, National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, president
  • Nataša Zabukovec Logar, National lnstitute of Chemistry, Ljubljana. secretary
  • Dušan Berek, Polymer Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava
  • Ivano Bertini, University of Florence
  • Pavel Hobza, J. Heyrovsky Institute, Prague
  • Boris Kamenar, University of Zagreb
  • Gert Kollenz, Karl-Franzens University, Graz
  • Robert Konrat, University of Vienna
  • Tadeusz M. Krygowski, University of Warshaw
  • Zvnnimir Maleié, Kudjer Bošković Institute. Zagreb
  • Gabor Naray-Szabo, Ministry or Education, Budapest
  • Botond Penke, Institute of Chemistry, Szeged
  • Ladislav Petruš, Institute of Chemistry, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava
  • Lucio Randaccio, University of Trieste
  • Grazyna Stochel, Jagiellonian University in Krakow
  • Vilim Šimanek, Palacky University in Olomouc
  • Marjan Veber, University of Ljubljana


  • Venčesnlav Kaučič president
  • Roman Gabrovšek
  • Olga Gorše
  • Edi Kranjc
  • Gregor Mali
  • Maja Mrak
  • Nataša Novak Tušar
  • Mojca Opresnik
  • Alenka Ristič
  • Nataša Zabukovec Logar


Sunday, 8 September 2002
Tutorial lectures
15:00 Ivano Bertini Tutorial on biological NMR
15:50 Dušan Turk Macromolecular X-ray crystallography: driven by automation and/or biology
16:40 Janez Mavri Biomolecular simulation: A challenge for 21th Century
17:30 BREAK
18:00 Official openning
Sunset lecture
18:30 Børge Diderichsen Bringing chemistry to life
Get-together party
19:30 -  
Monday, 9 September 2002
Plenary lecture (Chairman: L. Randaccio)
9:00 Louise N. Johnson Protein kinases: structural basis of substrate specificity and control
Session lectures
10:00 Peter Laggner Biomimetic reactions with liposomes in bulk and at solid surfaces
10:30 Christoph Kratky Structure and mechanism of hydroxinitrile lyases
11:20 Ettore Benedetti The use of non coded aminoacid residues in drug design
11:50 Enrico Rizzarelli Interactions of copper(II) with fragments of proteins involved in conformation diseases
12:20 Krzysztof Lewinski title will be announced later
12:50 LUNCH
Plenary lecture (Chairman: B. Kamenar)
15:00 John R. Helliwell The intersection of the frontiers of structural chemistry and structural biology
Session lectures
16:00 Anna Tramontano Frontiers of protein structure prediction
16:30 Mariusz Jaskolski Protein structure at atomic resolution
17:20 Martino Bolognesi Protein crystallograpliy in the structural genomic era
17:50 Alojz Demšar Observation of carboxylate shift dynamics in zinc carboxylate complexes by VT NMR
18:20 Tamara Lah Biochemistry towards tumour biology
Tuesday, 10 September 2002
Plenary lecture (Chairman: J. Mavri)
9:00 Bernard Meunier The chemical design of new antimalarial agents based on mechanistic studies
Session lectures
10:00 Andras Perczel Ab initio computed properties of major and minor secondary structure elements of proteins
10:30 Michal K. Cyranski Aromaticity of biologically active systems
11:20 Vilim Šimanek Chemical features of quaternary benzo[c]phenantridine alkaloids affecting their biological activities
11:50 Vladimir Kren Aminosugars as ligands of activating receptor of natural killer (NK) cells: A strategy from ligand optimization to development of glycodrug for in vivo application
Organized Trip
Wednesday, 11 September 2002
Plenary lecture (Chairman: B. Stanovnik)
9:00 Rowena G. Matthews Cobalamin-dependent and cobalamin-independent methionine synthases: ls there more than one way to skin a cat?
Session lectures
10:00 Bernard Kräutler Bioorganometallic chemistry of B12
10:30 Ivana Weygand-Djurašević Fidelity of decoding by aminoacyl-tRNA synthethases
11:20 Marija Abramić Extracellular lipase from streptomyces rimosus: An unusual bacterial lipolytic enzyme
11:50 Marie Stiborova A novel mechanism of anticancer effect of a chemotherapeutic, ellipticine: Chemical research explains its selective pharmacological efficiency
12:20 György M. Keserű Preparative and theoretical models of cytochrome P450 catalyzed oxidative metabolism
12:50 LUNCH
Plenary lecture (Chairman: Z. Maksić)
15:00 Pavel Hobza Structure and dynamic of the nucleic acid base pairs: Ab initio calculations and molecular dynamics simulations
Session lectures
16:00 Igor Tvaroška Toward an understanding of the catalytic mechanism of glycosyltransferases. Ab initio MO study
16:30 Renee Schröder RNA chaperone StpA induces structural changes in essential base triples of the td group I intron
17:00 Katalin Kövér Dynamic properties of biomolecules studied by NMR relaxation and diffusion measurements
Poster session
17:30 - 19:00  
Thursday, 12 September 2002
Plenary lecture (Chairman: I. Bertini)
9:00 Claudio Luchinat Metal cofactors in biology
Session lectures
10:00 Branko Stanovnik β-dimetylamino—α,β-didehydro-α-amino acids and their chiral analogs in the synthesis of applysinopsins and analogs and some other biologically active chiral α-heteroaryl-α-amino acids
10:30 Silvio Aime Paramagnetic lanthanide(III) complexes in MRI: From extracellular contast agents to probes in molecular imaging
11:20 Gorazd Vesnaver Specific binding of the minor groove directed ligands distamaycin A and netropsin to the 17-mer DNA duplexes containing one 5AT and one 4ATGC binding site: Calorimetric and spectroscopic studies
11:50 Henriette Molinari Structural and folding studies on lipocalins: Beta-lactoglobulins and chicken liver basic fatty acid binding protein
12:20 Janez Plavec NMR solution structure of a novel bimolecular G—quadruplex fold of d(G4T4G3)2
12:50 LUNCH
Plenary lecture (Chairman: P. Laggner)
15:00 Ada E. Yonath Antibiotics targeting ribosomes
Perspectives lectures
16:15 Peter Schuster Diversity and plasticity of RNA. Beyond the one sequence — one structure paradigm
17:00 Boštjan Kobe Protein regulation, protein-protein interactions and structural genomics
17:45 László Patthy Drug target selection and drug development in the post-genome era

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